Brittanie Atteberry

Brittanie Atteberry Ash

PhD Student


civic and community engagement, disparities, gender, higher education, LGBTQIA, marginalized populations, public policy, social justice

Professional Biography

Brittanie Atteberry Ash (she/her/hers) is currently completing her PhD from the University of Denver Graduate School of Social Work. Using research on LGBTQ populations as an exemplar for understanding the dynamics and processes of oppression in communities, and social work practice and education, she is committed to promoting social justice and inclusion across contexts. Her work relies heavily on an intersectional lens to deepen the discipline’s understanding of risk and resilience among people who live at the crossroads of marginalized identities. Her dissertation combines a conceptual review interrogating the construct of social justice in the body of social work scholarship with a national survey of students in social work programs that maps students’ understanding of social justice onto prejudicial attitudes, activism, and ally behavior. Brittanie also focuses on promoting justice and inclusion within classroom and field education experiences, identifying strategies for educators to more fully integrate a critical social justice lens into their pedagogy and field supervision of students. Brittanie received her MSW from the University of Michigan and has five years post-MSW experience with Denver Public Schools as a senior research analyst. Believing in the power of social work education to transform students into practitioners dedicated to a just world, she is passionate about her work as a critical social work scholar advancing the discipline’s commitment to social justice.


  • MSW, University of Michigan

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