Lisa Colōn

Lisa Colōn

PhD Student


child welfare, disparities, families and family systems, indigenous and native peoples, Latinx populations, marginalized populations, public policy, research methods, trauma

Professional Biography

Lisa Colōn has a BA in psychology with a minor in pre-law and an MA in psychology with developmental and psych and law sub-plans. She is passionate about and has experience in many phases of quantitative research. Colōn has developed and validated both a short scale (female version) and a much more extensive inventory (male and female versions). Both measure childhood sexual experiences, but the inventory allows for the evaluation of the development of human sexuality through the lens of childhood experiences.

Colōn was trained in Wraparound basics and as a Wraparound Family Support Partner through the El Paso County Department of Human Services, which has helped inform her research. Primary research interests include scholarship that will lead to the reduction of family-level cycles of trauma for families involved in the child welfare system.


  • MA Psychology, University of Colorado, Colorado Springs