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Sharing Expertise in Human-Animal-Environment Interactions

At the Institute for Human-Animal Connection, we strive to share our knowledge as widely as possible and serve as a community resource, providing the latest evidence, understanding and best practices related to human-animal-environment interactions and interventions. We offer low-cost consultation and training services for numerous agencies and organizations and welcome opportunities to speak to your organization or group.

Our webinars explore the human-animal bond and its impact on health and well-being.

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We translate research into practice via fee-based consultation on a range of topics related to human-animal interactions, animal behavior, animal welfare, emotional support animals, humane education and more. Our faculty are available to consult with your organization about:

  • Animal-assisted interventions
  • Ethics in human-animal-environment interactions
  • Humane education
  • Canine and equine behavior
  • Animal welfare; animal cruelty; animal rights
  • Social-environmental economic impact assessment
  • Social-ecological justice
  • Human-animal conflict
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We offer low-cost training opportunities in areas ranging from forensic animal maltreatment evaluations to emotional support animals, humane education and more.

  • Forensic Animal Maltreatment Evaluations and Risk Assessment

    We provide training Forensic Animal Maltreatment Evaluations (FAME) using the Animal Abuse Risk Assessment Tool (AARAT) for local and state governments; criminal justice systems; individual legal professionals such as lawyers, judges and probation officers; forensic evaluators; and treatment providers and mental health care professionals.

  • Emotional Support Animal Program Development

    We offer training for universities and other housing organizations seeking to create systems for emotional support animal accommodation requests while promoting human and animal welfare.

  • Emotional Support Animal Clinical Considerations

    This training examines the science of the human-animal bond as it relates to emotional support animals (ESAs) and reviews current research, best practices and clinical considerations, providing guidance for mental health professionals working with clients who want to include an ESA into their treatment plan. Training also includes tips and examples for providing an ESA letter as documentation that may be required as part of an accommodation request.

  • Humane Education Program Development

    We offer workshops for teachers and school administrators, parent groups, nonprofit organizations and social service agencies interested in developing humane education lessons and programs, which can be designed to address bullying, racism, environmental destruction, animal protection and a host of other contemporary issues.

  • Equine Behavior and Assessment

    For programs involving human-horse interactions, we offer training in understanding equine behavior and assessing horse welfare.

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Speaking Engagements

Our faculty experts are available to share their knowledge about the human-animal bond, animal welfare, and other topics related to human-animal-environment relationships. We even have someone who can share expertise on giant pandas and conservation! Topics for lectures and presentations include:

  • The human-animal bond; human-animal-environment interactions; human-animal conflict; ethics in human-animal-environment interactions
  • Nature-based programing and human health; animals in human health; intersections of human, other animal and environmental health and well-being
  • Social-ecological justice; social justice and intersectional theory in human-animal interactions
  • Animal-assisted interventions; ethical approaches to animal-assisted interventions
  • Animal welfare; animal cruelty and neglect; sentience and animal rights
  • Humane education; the importance of other species and nature in early childhood development
  • Giant pandas and conservation; “compassionate conservation” and endangered species
  • Equine behavior and assessment ethics
  • Research methods
  • Social-environmental economic impact assessment

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IHAC Faculty Experts

Philip Tedeschi

Philip Tedeschi

Clinical Professor

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Sarah Bexell

Sarah Bexell

Clinical Associate Professor

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Nina Ekholm-Fry

Nina Ekholm Fry

Director of Equine Programs, Institute for Human-Animal Connection

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Kevin Morris

Kevin Nolan Morris

Research Associate Professor

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