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Caregiving and Paid Family Leave

Using data from the National Alliance for Caregiving and AARP, we will investigate whether access to paid family leave is associated with lower financial strain among caregivers for older adults. Other research questions of interest will also be explored in collaboration with researchers at NAC.

Paid family leave is gaining momentum as a policy intervention that may help alleviate financial strain among new parents and caregivers. It is as yet unclear whether paid leave plays the same role for families with various caregiving demands, and so this study will use secondary data analysis to explore whether caregivers who have access to paid leave are more likely to stay employed than those without leave, whether they report lower financial strain scores, and whether there are other positive impacts among caregivers for those age 5 and above. Data will be analyzed using SPSS to test statistical associations using cross-sectional data from a nationally representative sample of caregivers. Findings will be written in collaboration with researchers from NAC and will inform policy conversations that are currently underway about paid family leave in the US.