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Center on Fathering Solution-Focused Brief Therapy Enhanced Parenting Class

The proposed project partners with the Center on Fathering to improve service engagement among fathers and improve parenting and family relationship outcomes by integrating Solution-Focused Brief Therapy and the CoF Fathering Curriculum.

The Center on Fathering (CoF) is the only fathering program that serves Colorado Springs and is part of El Paso County Department of Human Services. CoF provides skills-based, responsible fatherhood group-delivered curriculum that is delivered over the course of 15 weeks. This class meets weekly and CoF currently runs six of these groups per year, serving approximately 90 fathers annually. The CoF Fathering Curriculum addresses the father-child relationship and parenting skills. This proposed project aims to address key challenges in the responsible fatherhood field by carrying out these three objectives: 1) Refine Solution-Focused Brief Therapy (SFBT) CoF Fathering Curriculum, 2) Pilot the SFBT CoF Fathering Curriculum, and 3) Evaluate the effectiveness of the SFBT Fathering Curriculum to improve father engagement and parenting skills using a time-lagged quasi-experimental design (QED).