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Cognitive and Emotional Responses to Suicidal Ideation

What cognitive, emotional and behavioral responses do individuals have to their suicidal thoughts?

This study investigates individuals' cognitive and emotional responses to their suicidal thoughts. It is important to learn how these responses relate to outcomes (e.g., suicide attempt, treatment adherence) because thoughts and beliefs are modifiable and, as such, potential targets for intervention.

However, researchers have yet to comprehensively investigate the range of responses to suicidal thoughts. To help fill that gap, we are conducting semi-structured, qualitative interviews with 30 suicidal patients (ages 18-59) at Denver Health Medical Center's Psychiatric Emergency Services. Using template analysis, we will categorize distinct categories of responses to suicidal ideation.

The findings will lay the groundwork for studies into...

  1. The relationship of treatment outcomes and responses to suicidal ideation
  2. New interventions to modify responses to suicidal thoughts
  3. Possible modifications to extant interventions to accommodate different responses to suicidal ideation