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Dads Matter for Home Visiting

Does the "Dads Matter for Home Visiting" intervention reduce the risk for child maltreatment, improve the mother-father co-parenting relationship and improve the father-child relationship as compared to standard home visiting?

"Dads Matter" is a manualized intervention designed to assess the fathers' role in the family to determine how he may best be engaged to build an effective, supportive and productive co-parenting team with the child's mother. The intervention is modular in design and meant to be integrated into standard home visiting services.

A multisite-clustered RCT is being conducted to test the intervention, beginning with 21 home-visiting program supervisors across five large organizations, including 204 families across condition. Supervisors were randomized to deliver "Dads Matter" enhanced services or home visiting services as usual, and those within the enhancement (intervention) condition implemented the enhancement through a train-the-trainer model. Preliminary findings indicate that the intervention improves fathers' engagements in home visiting services. Future analyses will include the assessment of other outcomes, including child maltreatment risk and co-parenting.