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Denver Preschool Program (DPP) Program Evaluation

We are evaluating the extent to which the Denver Preschool Programs (DPP) services result in children's access to quality preschool.

The DPP program evaluation assesses the extent to which DPP's services increase the access of Denver four-year-olds to preschool and the extent to which they increase the quality of participating preschools. Our evaluation focuses on working closely with DPP to help them utilize findings and make related program adjustments. Specifically, the evaluation examines how DPP implements its services, families' and providers' perceptions of DPP's effectiveness, knowledge and behavior changes resulting from the services, and the impact of DPP's services on family access and provider quality.

We have partnered with The Implementation Group to help DPP with data utilization and continuous quality improvement. The project uses a mixed-methods approach that involves conducting surveys, interviews and focus groups with a variety of DPP stakeholders. We also analyze secondary data from DPP program records. All results are intended to help DPP implement its services in ways that best support preschool sites and families.