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A Gap Analysis of Humane Education Research and Training

Humane education, as a field and philosophy of teaching, modeling, and learning, is undergoing a resurgence of interest, commitment, and scope. The Institute for Human-Animal Connection (IHAC) at the University of Denver is working to become a hub for an emerging research and training agenda in humane education that capitalizes on two critical frameworks. The Humane Communities agenda which seeks to understand the benefits communities gain by implementing policies that integrate both human and animal welfare (Hawes, Flynn, Tedeschi, & Morris, submitted), and the One Health framework which conceptualizes the interconnectedness between the health of humans, other species, and the natural environment (AVMA, 2008; Bexell, 2018). There is a paucity of research into the utilization and efficacy of humane education. This project will produce the results of a gap analysis from the literature and qualitative interviews with leading humane educators as to the current status of humane education.