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Safe Streets, Second Chances (S3C)

The goal of the S3C demonstration project is to study and establish a model of reentry services that are individualized and effective at reducing recidivism, decreasing cost, and fostering productive citizenship through improved occupational status, interpersonal relationships, thinking patterns, coping skills, and social activities.

Approximately eight sites across four states‚ Texas, Florida, Louisiana, and Pennsylvania‚ will be selected, representing urban and rural counties. After identifying existing reentry approaches, the project will add demonstration model services. These will be implemented similarly across sites so that the model can be assessed and prepared for national scale.Site selection will be done in collaboration with state departments of corrections. Within each state, a random selection of half of the enrolled participants will receive the demonstration project model and the other half will receive reentry services typically provided in that state. Data will be collected directly from 1,100 incarcerated individuals upon enrollment in the project, immediately upon release, and then 3, 9, and 15 months after release to assess for the immediate and long-term cost savings and program impacts.