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Supporting Self-Regulation in High-Risk Youth through Yoga and Mindfulness

Examine the efficacy of mindfulness and yoga interventions to support changes in self-regulation, self-awareness, and improved sense of well being in high-risk youth.

Adolescent mental health literature suggests that somatic-psychotherapy methods are a promising culturally-adaptive and gender-specific modality for addressing the needs of high-risk girls. Our study examines the efficacy of an 8-week yoga-mindfulness based intervention, Mind Body Self-Regulation Yoga, designed to address the multifaceted behavioral and emotional self-regulation needs of high-risk girls. This mixed methods study utilizes data collected at pre- and post-test with the Mindful Awareness and Attention Scale for Adolescents (MAAS-A) and paper-pencil responses to open-ended questions taken at post-test only to gauge participants' use of the skills outside of class, if the concepts made sense to them and fit their lives, and if they saw any link between use of the skills and social-emotional self-regulation.