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Trans* Health Literacy: Supporting Colorado Communities through Research Education, and Policy Advocacy

The project seeks to identify the current health and health literacy needs of the Colorado transgender population.

This project seeks to document the health and health literacy needs of transgender Coloradans. In doing so, it will provide critical support for policy advocacy, public and healthcare provider education, and community organizing and empowerment. The initial phase of the project will (a) give voice to transgender Coloradans on their lived experiences of the healthcare system in the state and (b) provide community guidance for the development of the statewide 2019 Colorado Trans* Health Assessment. The second phase will document healthcare needs, challenges, successes, and disparities of a larger, more diverse group of transgender Coloradans in order to provide strong evidence to support the development of (a) socially just healthcare policy for the community; (b) healthcare provider education activities; and (c) a health literacy intervention to empower transgender individuals in the state.