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Understanding The Costs of Caregiving: A Survey of Colorado Caregivers

This study aims to understand how public policies such as public health insurance coverage, and workplace policies such as paid family leave and flexible work schedules, may play a role in mitigating financial insecurity and overall caregiver strain among Coloradans caring for older adults.

Caregiving for older adults has received increasing attention from policymakers in Colorado and at the national level as the proportion of older adults in the population has increased. Although evidence suggests that caregiving is associated with decreases in financial security and wellbeing among at least some caregivers, little is known about how workplace policies such as paid family leave and flexible scheduling may mitigate these negative effects. The proposed pilot study will begin to address this gap in knowledge by testing and administering a survey with caregivers in Colorado, and testing the associations of various workplace characteristics with caregiver financial security and wellbeing.