Online, instructor-led course in Equine Behavior. Learn about Equine Behavior and how it relates to human-horse interactions and equine health through an online course with short, weekly assignments.

The course is focused on understanding the behavior and cognition (mental capacities and learning) of horses within the context of how to care for, handle and train horses using best available scientific information.

Profile view of a horse

Course Format

Learn how the behavior of horses relates to their care, healthy development, and overall welfare and needs with a focus on human-horse interactions. Behavior, cognition, communication, wellbeing, and stress are reviewed in the context of the impact humans have on horses in various settings, including management, human health services, sport, and industry. Basic behavior modification as well as ethical and effective training and handling principles are presented within the context of behavior.

The course runs for 15 weeks. Each week features readings, teaching videos, a quiz and a discussion forum and can easily be completed by busy working professionals who need to learn on a flexible schedule and timeframe. This class is open to people from any experience or education level and can be accessed internationally.

Upcoming Course Dates

Spring Course Dates (FULL):

January 17, 2024 to May 6, 2024


Fall Course Dates (Registration Open):

August 21, 2024 to December 9, 2024

Cost and Registration Information

This class is open to people from any experience or education level. We welcome anyone who is interested in this topic to register.

Cost: $529 (includes all course materials except main course text):

Main Course Text: McGreevy, P. (2012). Equine Behavior: A Guide for Veterinarians and Equine Scientists. (2nd edition). ISBN: 9780702043376.