Jennifer VonLintel

Jennifer VonLintel

Adjunct Faculty, Institute for Human-Animal Connection

What I do

Jen VonLintel, MS, is a licensed school counselor in Loveland, Colorado, specializing in animal-assisted interventions in school settings.  Jen was introduced to this work as part of a 2009 research study with HABIC, Human-Animal Bond in Colorado.  That experience ignited her passion for learning more about the human-animal bond and resulted in the formation of an AAI program at her school in 2011 with her now-retired golden retriever, Copper.  She screens volunteer teams for the district, mentors other education professionals with their programs, and is facilitating a district-level therapy dog training program with Canine Community Heroes.  She completed the Animals and Human Health, Canine-Assisted Interventions Specialist and Humane Educator certificate programs through IHAC and is honored to be part of the Animals and Human Health teaching team.

Her work in trauma-informed canine interventions and AAI education was recognized when she received the 2018 Magic Award from Pet Partners.  She is the administrator/moderator for the Facebook group, School Therapy Dogs, which consists of 6,000+ educators who share best practices, research, and tools to support ethical programs.  Copper’s work at BF Kitchen Elementary can be accessed by visiting

She is a contributing author to the book, “Animal-Assisted Crisis Response – Specialized Canine Intervention for Individuals Affected by Disasters and Crisis”, and co-author of the journal article, Pathways for Implementing a School Therapy Dog Program: Steps for Success and Best Practice Considerations.  She has made numerous presentations at professional conferences and AAI courses that include, HOPE Animal-Assisted Crisis Response, Colorado School Counselors Association, Colorado State University, and IAHAIO, International Association of Human-Animal Interaction Organizations.

Jen’s desire to learn more about this field is driven by volunteer work with numerous organizations including Hearts and Horses, the Larimer Humane Society, the Board of Directors at Canine Community Heroes, the National Mental Health Committee with HOPE Animal-Assisted Crisis Response, and the inaugural Leadership Council for the Association of Animal-Assisted Intervention Professionals.