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EAMH Alumni Integrates Equines into Private Practice and Nonprofit Work

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Macie Dominique, Equine-Assisted Mental Health Practitioner Certificate '17

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Macie Dominique with horse

Macie Dominique, a 2017 graduate of IHACPro’s Equine-Assisted Mental Health Practitioner Certificate (EAMH), completely shifted her professional path after realizing her passion involved integrating animals into her professional work. Originally pursuing a degree in school psychology, Macie pivoted and earned a Masters in Mental Health Counseling. Macie then opened her own private practice working with women that struggle with relationship trauma. In addition to her private practice, Macie works at a nonprofit that serves children and adolescents. In both of her professional settings, her therapeutic work is supported with equine, canine, and farm animal interactions.

The flexibility of the EAMH program and opportunities for hands-on learning were integral pieces of Macie’s professional development experience. Led by IHAC Director of Equine Programs, Nina Ekholm Fry, the EAMH certificate consists of three, online courses that can be accessed anywhere in the world, as well as three, in-person workshops in Denver, CO. During these workshops, students gain hands-on experience working with equines, all while learning how human-equine interactions can be integrated into their own personal practice.

Macie shared about the program, “The in-person weekends were by far the most impactful. I met lifelong friends and colleagues and learned valuable, practical lessons while working with the [horses]. Getting to see Nina work was amazing and I will always treasure those weekends!”

Learn more about Macie’s private practice work at Animal Talk Therapy or @animaltalktherapy on Instagram and Facebook.