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IHAC Instructor Elevates Therapeutic Practice with CAIS Certificate

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Molly DePrekel graduated from IHAC’s Canine-Assisted Intervention Specialist (CAIS) certificate program in 2022. She has been an IHAC adjunct faculty member since 2017 and has taught many courses within IHACPro’s Animals and Human Health certificate program.

In addition to her work as an IHAC instructor, Molly has been a psychologist in private practice at Cairns Psychological Services, Hold Your Horses, and Amidst the Trees. For decades, she has utilized the unique relationship that exists between people, animals, and nature to elevate her therapeutic practice. Molly shared with us that taking our program helped her specifically on working with clients that have experienced trauma and how best to appropriately incorporate canines into a therapeutic plan.

Molly also appreciated how the program enhanced her relationship with her own companion canine by reminding her just how much you can learn from your own companions. Her favorite part of the CAIS program was the fieldwork component in which she recorded videos working with her companion dog.

IHAC’s CAIS certificate program is a four-month, competency-based program that provides you with a deeper understanding of the needs of your canine partners and increases your knowledge of the ethics and standards involved in working effectively and humanely with canines in your practice. It is designed for working professionals and is fully virtual.