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Meet IHAC's New Executive Director - Dr. Kevin Morris

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Kevin Morris

The Institute for Human-Animal Connection (IHAC) is excited to welcome Dr. Kevin Morris into the role of Executive Director. Kevin has served as IHAC's Director of Research since 2016. In addition, Kevin is a Research Associate Professor and the American Humane Endowed Chair at the Graduate School of Social Work. Kevin has overseen the development of IHAC's robust research agenda and looks forward to leading the Institute into the next chapter.

Take a few moments to get to know IHAC's new Executive Director, Kevin Morris!

1. What’s your professional background and how did you get involved with IHAC?

I’m a molecular biologist by training and I worked in the biotech and oncology sectors for over 20 years. In 2007, I had the opportunity to refocus my research on animal welfare and the human-animal bond. I’ve been conducting research in those areas ever since. I joined IHAC in 2016 to help build a research agenda for the Institute. I never imagined that we would grow so fast and tackle such big questions, but the research staff and many students have driven our work and innovation to where we are today.

2. Why is research and education so important in the field of human-animal interactions?

If we don’t thoroughly understand our many intersections with other animals, we limit the positive impacts for both. Translating research into practice through our educational programming allows us to optimize our relationships with other animals.

3. What do you enjoy doing outside of IHAC and the human-animal interaction field?

I have a stereo and an ever-growing vinyl record collection that I always enjoy. Being in Colorado, my spouse and I also enjoy being in the mountains with our dogs.

4. Looking ahead, what is your vision for IHAC?

IHAC has two areas where it excels – education and research. In the near-term, we will be focused on further strengthening these programs. In particular, we will be better integrating both the research findings and research opportunities into our students' educational experience.

5. Finally, what’s your favorite animal and why?!

Cats. I always feel like they know many things that I don’t, and yet they still manage to tolerate me.

As we move into a new chapter, please consider supporting the Institute for Human-Animal Connection. We look forward to new advances in education and research developments.

"If we don’t thoroughly understand our many intersections with other animals, we limit the positive impacts for both."

Kevin Morris, PhD Executive Director, Institute for Human-Animal Connection