Riley Hostetter

C. Riley Hostetter

PhD Student


child welfare, children and youth, civic and community engagement, disparities, gender, LGBTQIA, marginalized populations, public policy, racial justice, social justice

Professional Biography

C. Riley Hostetter (they/them/theirs) has an MSW from Portland State University, focusing on community-based practice and administrative leadership, and a BS in Psychology and Spanish from Iowa State University. Riley’s research interests center primarily on LGBTQIA+ youth and the queer community as a whole. Riley comes to things with an intersectional approach, seeking to understand intersectionalities among and within marginalized identities, and how societal factors and systems of power impact these. They have particular interest in social determinants of health, queer health, gender identity development, and foster care youth. Riley’s post-MSW practice experience has primarily been in the foster care realm, while also conducting work pertaining to LGBTQIA+ inclusivity and program development. They have assisted with agency pronoun initiatives and updates to policy regarding transgender & gender nonconforming employees, developed training for incoming foster parents, and edited LGBTQ+ inclusivity manuals and reports, among others. Riley has been part of numerous non-profit LGBTQIA+ and Equity & Inclusion committees, as well as Oregon Health Policy Board’s Health Equity Committee. Riley aspires to have a critical social justice approach in all they do.


  • MSW, Portland State University