Johnny Kim

Johnny Kim


What I do

I conduct research on various clinical interventions to improve mental health outcomes for adolescents and families in community and school settings. I teach clinical courses in Solution-Focused Brief Therapy and Clinical Theory and Practice.


clinical social work, evidence-based practice/implementation science, intervention research, mental and behavioral health, school social work

Professional Biography

Johnny S. Kim, PhD, LCSW, is a professor at the Graduate School of Social Work. Kim received his Ph.D. from the University of Texas at Austin and was a Council on Social Work Education Minority Clinical Fellow. His teaching areas include clinical social work theory and practice, solution-focused brief therapy, cognitive-behavioral therapy and school social work.

Kim's research focuses on evaluating solution-focused brief therapy, school-based interventions, meta-analysis and evidence-based practice. He has authored over 50 academic publications including four books.

Kim is the chair of the Research Committee for the Solution-Focused Brief Therapy Association and serves on the editorial board for several journals. Prior to his doctoral studies, he worked as a school social worker and case manager for community-based mental health agencies in Seattle.


  • Ph.D., Social Work, University of Texas at Austin , 2006
  • MSW, Boston College, 1997
  • BS, Fairfield University, 1993

Licensure / Accreditations

  • Licensed Clinical Social Worker (LCSW)

Professional Affiliations

  • Council on Social Work Education (CSWE)
  • National Association of Social Workers (NASW)
  • Other
  • Society for Social Work Research (SSWR)

Media Sources


My research focuses on implementing and evaluating the effectiveness of Solution-Focused Brief Therapy with families involved in child welfare and criminal justice systems as well as adolescents in school settings.

Key Projects

  • Reentry Demonstration Project - Safe Streets, Second Chances (S3C) Project
  • Oklahoma Partnership Initiative Phase Two - Solution - Focused Brief Therapy

Featured Publications

Kim, J. (Ed.). (2014). Solution-Focused Brief Therapy: A Multicultural Approach. Thousand Oaks, CA, USA: Sage Publications.
Kim, J., Kelly, M., & Franklin, C. (2017). Solution-Focused Brief Therapy in Schools: A 360-Degree View of the Research and Practice Principles 2nd edition. Oxford University Press.
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Franklin, C., Kim, J., Beretvas, T., Zhang, A., Guz, S., Park, S., et al. (2017). The effectiveness of psychosocial interventions delivered by teachers in schools: A systematic review and meta-analysis. Clinical Child and Family Psychology Review, 20, 333-350.


Kim, J., Akin, B., & Brook, J. (2019). Solution-Focused Brief Therapy to Improve Child Well-Being and Family Functioning Outcomes with Substance Using Parents in the Child Welfare System. Society for Social Work and Research. San Francisco, CA.
Franklin, C., Kim, J., Zhang, A., Maynard, B., & Chung, S. (2018). Evidence-based collaboration with teachers: Systematic review and meta-analysis of teacher-delivered school-based mental health interventions. Society for Social Work and Research. Washington, DC: SSWR.
Kim, J. (2018). Solution-focused brief therapy: Helping families with child abuse and trauma related problems. Korean Solution-Focused Brief Therapy Conference Workshop. Seoul, Korea: Korean Solution-Focused Brief Therapy Association.
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Kennedy, S., Kim, J., & Brown, S. M. (2015). Does parent-child interaction therapy reduce future physical abuse? A meta-analysis. Society for Social Work and Research. New Orleans, LA: Society for Social Work and Research.


  • Research Recognition Award, Solution-Focused Brief Therapy Association
  • Outstanding KU Social Work Faculty Award
  • Minority Fellowship Program, Council on Social Work Education
  • Doctoral Dissertation Award- Nineteenth National Symposium on Doctoral Research, The Ohio State University