Tess Hupe

Tess Hupe

Research Fellow, Institute for Human-Animal Connection

What I do

Tess Hupe graduated from the University of Denver's Graduate School of Social Work with her MSW in 2020 with a concentration in Family Systems. She is dedicated to collaborating with vulnerable communities to overcome the barriers they face in accessing and affording health care for their families and their pets. As a Research Fellow with IHAC, she continues to explore these interests by focusing on the Animals and Communities research portfolio that measures the impacts of community-based outreach programs and humane policies within the field of animal welfare. Prior to her career in social work, she was a student-athlete at the University of Evansville and earned her BA in Psychology.

Featured Publications

  1. Hawes, S.M., Hupe, T., Gandenberger, J. and Morris, K.N. (2021). Temporal trends in intake data for animal shelters and rescues in Colorado, 2008 to 2018. Journal of the American Veterinary Medical Association. In Press.
  2. Hawes, S. M., Hupe, T. M., Gandenberger, J., Saucedo, M., Arrington, A., & Morris, K. N. (2021). Detailed Assessment of Pet Ownership Rates in Four Underserved Urban and Rural Communities in the United States. Journal of Applied Animal Welfare Science, 1-12.
  3. Hawes, S. M., Hupe, T., & Morris, K. N. (2020). Punishment to support: the need to align animal control enforcement with the human social justice movement. Animals10(10), 1902.
  4. Hawes, S. M., Kerrigan, J. M., Hupe, T., & Morris, K. N. (2020). Factors informing the return of adopted dogs and cats to an animal shelter. Animals10(9), 1573.
  5. Hawes, S.M., Kerrigan, J., Hupe, T., Nawyn, T., and Morris, K.N. (2019). Estimating the cost to care for Animals at Austin Pets Alive. Program evaluation report delivered to Maddie’s Fund and Austin Pets Alive. Available at: https://www.maddiesfund.org/estimating-the-cost-to-care-for-animals-at-austin-pets-alive.htm
  6. Hawes, S.M., Kerrigan, J., Hupe, T., & Morris, K.N. (2019). Sources of Pets in Austin, Texas: A Pilot Study of the Pet Acquisition Questionnaire. Program evaluation report delivered to Maddie’s Fund and Austin Pets Alive. Available at: https://www.maddiesfund.org/sources-of-pets-in-austin-texas-a-pilot-study.htm 



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