Advanced Social Work Practice Specialization Curriculum

Western Colorado MSW Program

The Advanced Social Work Practice specialization curriculum in Glenwood Springs, CO will prepare you to practice across a continuum of services at micro, mezzo and macro levels with a wide range of populations and settings to meet the needs of your community. The specialization emphasizes culturally responsive practice needed for the increasing diversity in communities locally and nationally.

To see a full list of course descriptions, view the GSSW bulletin. The minimum credits required for the Master of Social Work degree are 81 for Western Colorado MSW students and 54 for Western Colorado Advanced-Standing MSW students. The specialization curriculum is made up of 45 credits, and the rest is comprised of the foundation curriculum. The table below shows a list of required and elective class offerings for the Advanced Social Work Practice specialization.

Area Requirements Courses
Theory (3 credits required)

Critical Theories of Child and Adolescent Development
Family Systems Theories for Social Work Practices
Evolving Perspectives and Trends in Health and Wellness
Intersections of Mental Health, Substance Use and, Trauma
Social-Ecological Resilience: Connecting Human and Environmental Wellbeing
Community and Organizational Change: Theory for Practice

Assessment (3 credits required)

Assessment of Mental Health Across the Lifespan
Social and Environmental Impact Assessments
Wellness Assessment & Promotion Across the Lifespan

Ethics, Safety & Supervisory Skills (3 credits required) Environmental Change Impacts and Resilience Strategies for Mental Health
Leadership and Supervision Skills
Child Welfare Practice: Assessment & Intervention
Human Security
Social Work & the Law
Trauma Informed Assessment and Interventions
Global Cultural Perspectives: Ethical Considerations
Suicide Assessment and Interventions
Intervention Skills (3 credits required) Creating a Regenerative Future
Contemporary Ecological Justice Issues and Social Work Practice
Integrated Health Care: Models and Practice
Practice Elements in Interventions with Children and Youth
Multisystemic Social Work Practice and Advocacy with Families
Positive Youth Development Programming
Substance Use Interventions
Grassroots Organizing for Social Justice
Child and Adolescent Trauma
Planning and Program Development
Solution Focused Brief Therapy
School Social Work Interventions
Social Work Practice in Health
Mind-Body Connections and Social Work Practice
Experiential Therapy
Cognitive Behavioral Therapies
Interpersonal Approaches to Counseling
Policy & Advocacy Skills (3 credits required)

Policy Advocacy for Ecological Justice in the U.S.
Child Welfare History & Policies
Policies and Programs for Children and Youth
Family Policies and Services
Immigration Policies and Services
Mental Health and Substance Use Policies
Health Care Policy
Mental Health and Health Care Policy
Social Policy Advocacy
Native Peoples Practice: History and Policy
Global Social Change

Evaluation & Research Skills (3 credits required Adapting and Implementing Interventions
Methods for Evaluating Practice and Programs
Public Impact for Policy, Community Organizing, and Research Dissemination
Photovoice as Intervention and Research Methodology
Introduction to Human-Centered Design for Evaluation & Program Development
Values (3 credits required) Critical Race Theory Praxis and Social Work
Disproportionality and Disparities Across Systems: The Impact on Children and Youth
Intergenerational Justice
Restorative Approaches in Social Work Practice
Genocide: A Social Justice Issue
Mental Health and Substance Use Policies
Health Care Policy
EmBODYed Practice: Ethical Approaches to Fatness and the Body
Cultural and Linguistic Competency in Integrated Behavioral Health
Social Justice in Mental Health
Social Work Practice with LGBTQIA Communities
Spirituality and Social Work
An Introduction to Prison-Industrial Complex Abolition
Global Trauma
Digital Justice in Social Work
Values for Social Work Practice Native Peoples
Disrupting Privilege through Anti-Oppressive Practice
Disability Studies
Critical Perspectives on the Latinx Context
Social Development in Latin America
Social Work and Latino/a Cultures: An Intensive Practice and Spanish Immersion Course
Social Work in Kenya: Context, Conservation, Empowerment, Sustainability
Bosnia in Transition: The Social Work Response
Social Work and Social Justice in South Africa
Historical Trauma and Healing
Feminisms in Social Work Practice
Human Trafficking: Prevention, Intervention, and Support of Its Victims
Human Sexuality
Internship (12-15 credits) Specialization field internship
Electives (12 credits required)

All Concentration level SOWK courses that do not meet the above requirements count towards Concentration Curriculum Electives. See Course Description section for list of all Concentration Curriculum courses. 

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