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Xuan "Cherie" Gu

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Humane Education & Interventions for Early Learners Certificate 2018

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Xuan "Cherie" Gu is an assistant professor at a university in Guangzhou City, China, who completed the Humane Education & Interventions for Early Learners certificate in 2018. She is also a co-founder of REAL Education, a humane-education organization established by three Chinese alumni of the Institute for Human-Animal Connection (IHAC) who are committed to creating an animal-friendly society. Gu is responsible for the development of K-12 curricula for students as well as workshops and certificate courses for educators and parents at REAL Education. In her role as an assistant professor, Gu incorporates humane education into her teaching and research with a focus on the connections between children and nature. 

Gu chose IHAC's certificate program because of the range and depth of educational offerings, as well as the experience and quality of the instructors. "The professors at IHAC are experts in their fields and work together to boost the quality of the education," Gu says, noting that IHAC helped her further develop critical thinking and teaching skills, as well as a compassionate approach to the delivery of humane education. "IHAC provides students with new perspectives to investigate and reflect on human-animal relationships. I have not only learned scientific knowledge about our animal friends, but also understood the deep connections among animals, humans and the environment." 

Gu says that the best part of her experience in the certificate program was the weekly discussions with Humane Education Director Sarah Bexell and other students from different backgrounds because it led to a diversity of ideas regarding humane education topics. She says, "No matter whether you are interested in animals, humans, and/or nature, learning with IHAC will definitely be a noteworthy and memorable experience."

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