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Anu Family Services' "Fast Track to Families" Evaluation

The aim of this project is to evaluate the success of the "Fast Track to Families" program in regard to the program's ability to find the family of children in out-of-home care and secure a relative/kin placement provider for the child, ideally providing increased placement stability and improved permanency outcomes.

Anu Family Services is interested in assessing the success of their "Fast Track to Families" program to demonstrate improved outcomes for the children involved in the program related to placement stability and permanency establishment. The evaluation includes a focused literature review of Family-Finding Programs, review and analysis of primary and/or secondary data, assessment of key program components, as well as gathering feedback from staff, kin/fictive kin placement providers, and other stakeholders through survey, interview and focus group research methods.

Based upon data analysis and evaluation efforts, Anu Family Services will have the opportunity to demonstrate the benefits of program expansion to additional county jurisdictions. The evaluation will also contribute to the growing body of research and knowledge regarding effective programs that ensure preservation of family connections and enhancement of child well-being