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The Casa Esperanza Integrated Behavioral Health System-Evaluation and Organizational Capacity Development- A Longitudinal Community-Research Collaboration

To improve the health and well-being of Casa Esperanza's clients through providing research results about the program's efficacy, implementations of evidence-based practices and consulting on organizational capacity expansion using a community collaborative approach.

Casa Esperanza provides integrated behavioral health, primary care, evidence-based in-patient and outpatient treatment for SUD and housing, and HIV prevention services using a community empowerment culturally-embedded approach. Their clients are primarily Latina/o, all with SUD, many with MHD, pregnant and parenting women, re-entry populations, homeless and people at risk of HIV.

The 15 year collaboration between Casa Esperanza and Professor Lundgren (and now the Butler Institute, Boston office) has resulted in more than $30 million of EBP treatment services being implemented, five current grants for evaluation of approximately $400,000 annually, hundreds of Casa staff and MSW students being trained and providing training in EBP screening, assessment and treatment for SUD. Research assistants, MSW and doctoral students have opportunities together with Casa Esperanza staff to disseminate results from the evaluations in both articles (14) and conferences including APHA, SSWR, CSWE.