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New York Administration for Children's Services Family Assessment Response (FAR)

The aim of this project is to work in partnership with the New York City Administration for Children's Services Workforce Institute, providing workforce development services to effectively and successfully support child welfare reform through the implementation of family assessment response (FAR) within New York City in each borough.

New York State 2007 legislation allows for a two-track child protective service system that includes FAR. Since 2013, we have worked with New York City Administration of Children's Services to assist with the design, implementation and sustainability of this initiative across each of the boroughs, beginning in Queens.

We provide...

  • implementation design support and technical assistance to ACS
  • planning and application support to local boroughs
  • basic and advanced training and coaching to Workforce Institute staff who are training and coaching ACS caseworkers, supervisors, and administrators
  • technical assistance and coaching to ACS to support FAR implementation in the boroughs
  • train-the-trainers and technical assistance to Workforce Institute trainers
  • other services and supports as needed