COVID-19 Information for Prospective Students

Prospective MSW Students

GSSW has three criteria for our decision making about COVID-19: follow public health science and federal, state, and local mandates; ensure continuity of learning and work to the extent possible; and promote individual well-being. These criteria guide GSSW’s leadership team as we make critical decisions regarding COVID-19 and our community’s response.

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Frequently Asked Questions

We know this is a challenging time to envision your future MSW journey, so we’ve put together a list of frequently asked questions to provide some clarity. The responses to these questions are based on the most recent information provided to us by the University’s senior leadership. If you haven’t already, please review the revised Denver Campus MSW Program page for more information about additional start terms and program tracks for the Two-Year and Advanced-Standing MSW Programs. 

We will update the answers to these questions as we receive new information about the rapidly changing conditions related to the COVID-19 crisis.

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MSW Program

If you have academic or field related questions, we encourage you to email our Admission Ambassadors

  • Will classes be held on campus in fall 2020?

    Following public health guidance, select on-campus options are available. However, students could select to take all courses in an online format, and all paths toward concentration and certificate requirements are available in an online format.

    Guidelines for campus reopening in fall 2020:

    • All classes will be prepared for an online, flipped format in which 90 minutes of content is provided asynchronously and 90 minutes of activities may occur in a live session (either on-campus or on Zoom). 
      • On-campus sections will only run if state, local, and university public health guidelines permit it - which is currently allowed at 50% capacity within a classroom.
      • Per DU or public health guidance, we may have to switch to fully online options, at any point during the quarter.
      • Courses will be ready to accommodate students to temporarily engage in learning virtually, if a student is required to self-isolate.
    • Any student, staff, or faculty who comes to the DU Campus must abide by DU-required social distancing and health practices (i.e., reduced class sizes, staggered times, engaging in DU public health training(s), mask-wearing, health screenings, compliance with contact tracing protocols while on campus and prohibitions against traveling out-of-state).
    • On-campus course sections were selected per faculty recommendations based on course content which benefits the most from face-to-face learning. We also make adjustments to the schedule and course offerings based on student interest in the various course formats.
  • What is the difference between MSW@Denver and the Denver Campus MSW Program?

    Although both programs are currently using an online modality for teaching in July 2020 (we have every intention to return to campus in fall 2020), there are many differences between our online and on-campus programs. MSW@Denver has two concentrations, while the Denver Campus MSW Program has eight concentrations and three certificates. MSW@Denver has more constrained field options, and students do not have faculty advisors. With the Denver Campus MSW Program, you choose your field internship and also receive mentorship from full-time faculty advisors who are based on the Denver campus. As of now, only summer classes for Advanced-Standing students will be online. Although decisions pertaining to the pandemic evolve daily, we plan to be on campus with in-person classes by fall quarter. 

  • Are all the Denver Campus concentrations and certificates available for all new entry terms?

    Yes, all concentrations and certificates are available regardless of when you start the program.

  • Are field placement options limited if I choose to start the MSW program in January 2021?

    That will depend on the type of field internship you’re looking for. For example, school social work may not be a possibility with a spring/summer field placement. However, we work with 700+ field agencies, so there are still plenty of internship options to choose from if you start in January 2021. You should discuss your specific needs with your field advisor if admitted.

  • What does a virtual field internship look like?

    Our field placements are equipped to host student interns in a virtual environment. Many agencies have transitioned to providing remote services, including telehealth and telebehavioral health services. If you have a specific question about field education, please email

  • Are international internships and courses canceled?

    At this time, we do not know whether international courses and internships will be allowed in the 2020 winter interterm quarter. We will continue to watch the recommendations from the Department of State for each country and will send additional information when it is available.

  • Are there new entry terms for the Two-Year and Advanced-Standing MSW Programs?

    Yes, as Advanced-Standing student you may now choose to start your MSW program at GSSW in either July 2020; September 2020; or January 2021. Learn More

    As a Two-Year student, you may now choose to start your MSW program at GSSW in either September 2020; or January 2021. Learn More


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Tuition & Financial Aid

If you have specific financial aid questions, please reach out to our admission team via email or phone.


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