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Master of Social Work Stipends

Financial aid for your MSW degree

In addition to scholarships, stipends help supplement the cost of your education. At GSSW, we offer several stipend opportunities in discipline areas such as child welfare, aging and behavioral integrated health. If awarded a stipend, you must dedicate one to two years of service in Colorado after graduation.


The Graduate School of Social Work awards $520,000 in stipends each year.

[email protected] Stipend

In partnership with the Behavioral Health Workforce Education and Training Program and the Butler Institute for Families, the [email protected] stipend awards an average of 30 students a $10,000 stipend and specialized training for participation in the program. Students who receive the stipend must commit to one year of service in behavioral integrated health in rural and medically underserved communities, preferably in Colorado or the Four Corners region.


[email protected] Application Information

  • Program Eligibility: students in the Denver Campus, Four Corners and Western Colorado MSW programs
  • Student Eligibility: admitted advanced standing students and two-year students in their concentration year (year 2 of the program)
  • Application Deadline: end of April each year

It is imperative that the behavioral health workforce is increased to help with the complex mental health issues the residents of our state face. Of the 64 counties in Colorado, 56 are designated as mental health professional shortage areas.

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Title IV-E Child Welfare Stipend

In partnership with the Butler Institute for Families and the Colorado Department of Human Services, we offer 20 child welfare stipends ranging from $14,000 -$17,000 so you can effectively serve families who use public child welfare services. Students who receive a stipend must commit one year of post-graduation employment with a Colorado county or the tribal department of human/social services in a child welfare position.


Child Welfare Stipend Application Information

  • Program Eligibility: students in the Denver Campus, Four Corners and Western Colorado MSW programs
  • Student Eligibility: admitted two-year and advanced-standing MSW students
  • Application Deadline: mid-May of each year

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Application Information

2019 Denver Campus Two-Year Program Final Admission Deadline

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