Justice & Democracy

GSSW's Justice & Democracy campaign ignites greater civic engagement among our students, alumni, faculty and staff, and the community at large. We find ourselves resolved again to bring voice to justice and issue a call to action in this historic moment. We are living through an assault on our social work values—but we are hopeful and confident that democracy will prevail.

We call our GSSW community to live your #GSSWresolve now, more than ever. Please reference this page for upcoming civic events and resources. 


Capitol Building

Past Event: Organize and Advocate: The Work Continues

Civic engagement is a fundamental aspect of a participatory democracy. Research suggests that the motivation and execution of such action comes from civic education—actually knowing how to engage and do so effectively. With the election and inauguration in the rearview mirror, it’s critical that social workers stay engaged in the political process and work towards justice for all.

In this interactive workshop, participants will receive an up-to-date briefing on state and federal policy, and trainings on legislative advocacy and grassroots community organizing. With an opportunity to join breakout sessions based on individual areas of interest, participants will leave with the knowledge and training they need to invest their efforts for maximum impact. 

Cost: Free

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Community Events

  • 2021 DU Diversity Summit: January–March 2021

    This year's 20th annual Diversity Summit will harness the connective potential of our experiences, personal realities and learnings, forging a path forward beyond diversity through concerted, meaningful and combined efforts.


  • Denver Democracy Summit: February 25-26, 2021

    Recent events in the U.S. and around the world have demonstrated the promise and fragility of democracy in stark terms. On February 25-26, 2021 the Josef Korbel School of International Studies and the Alliance of Democracies Foundation will bring together diverse individuals from across the political spectrum who are dedicated to protecting and promoting democratic ideals. We invite you to join us virtually for timely conversations at the inaugural Denver Democracy Summit.


Civic Engagement Through the Voices of Latino/a Youth: Exploring Definitions, Supports and Barriers

This research project aims to expand understanding of how Latinx adolescents define civic engagement, understand how Latinx adolescents see their own civic engagement both supported and hindered, and identify strategies that young people believe will help promote civic engagement among themselves and their peers. This qualitative study engaged 16 Latinx youth as experts in their own lives and as partners in data analysis, along with focus groups with 108 Latinx youth who may or may not be civically engaged. The study is situated in two major U.S. cities: Houston and Denver. Three community organizations focused on positive youth development and civic engagement collaborated on the project. Read More