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GUIDE: An Artificial Intelligence Assisted Network Based Substance Use Program for Youth Who Experience Homelessness

The purpose of this project is to develop a network-based substance use prevention program using an artificial intelligence algorithm.

Peer-based prevention models are difficult to design for high-risk adolescents such as homeless youth, because models that only incorporate high-risk youth have the potential to enhance negative outcomes through what has come to be known as "deviancy training." The prevalence of high-risk behaviors among these youth raises serious concerns about the potential for this deviancy training. Effective peer-based models for adolescents require a blending of low-risk/pro-social peers and high-risk youth in prevention groups. The purpose of our project is to use an artificial intelligence (AI) aided decision tool known as GUIDE (GroUp-based Intervention DEcision aid for Risk Prevention among Homeless Youth) to reduce the problem of deviancy training among homeless youth.