School social workers are a vital community resource, collaborating with students, parents, teachers and administrators to address educational challenges so all students receive an education that increases their knowledge and potential to function at their highest ability level. The School Social Work Certificate is available to students enrolled in our Denver Campus MSW Program (you’ll complete the certificate and your MSW program at the same time). Together, the MSW and certificate will prepare you to work in Colorado schools, from preschool through high school.

You will learn the laws affecting students and schools in Colorado and become proficient in completing school-based assessments for things such as development, suicide and substance use. By spending time with social workers in diverse school settings in the Denver metro area, you’ll gain a first-hand understanding of school social work, from the assessments used to the role social workers play in schools.

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, GSSW now offers additional start dates and program tracks for the Two-Year and Advanced-Standing Denver Campus MSW Programs. Learn More and Apply Now.  

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Learning Outcomes

By completing the School Social Work Certificate, you’ll graduate with an additional professional credential and a competitive advantage in your job search. Your school social work career could include:

  • Working with students in the classroom
  • Managing student cases
  • Using school-based student assessments
  • Providing crisis intervention
  • Developing classroom, school and district-wide programs
  • Supporting students’ academic development through behavioral and social–emotional interventions

“Some students I meet with every week and others I meet with every month, but I also work with the whole school a couple of times each week in small groups. I’ve been able to take a systems approach by having involvement in all aspects of the school, and I feel like I’ve made a difference.”

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School Social Work Certificate Coordinator

Julie Ann Laser Maira

Julie Anne Laser-Maira

Associate Professor

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Application Information

Upcoming Final Application Deadline: December 2021 Two-Year & Advanced-Standing Denver Campus Program