Center for Tribes HEAR US Project

We are developing two videos that will be disseminated through the Capacity Building Center for Tribes and used for educational purposes. Building and reinforcing relationships and tribal sovereignty will be woven into both videos.

What Are the Video Topics?

  • What tribes wish people knew before coming onto tribal lands for business
  • The significant cultural connections Native children lose when they are removed from their communities

Why Are We Doing This?

Listen to Nanette Bishop, Center for Tribes FPO, as she explains why we are developing these two videos.

What Does Participation Look Like?

If someone would like to be recorded for the video, it can be done virtually. We will ask you the question for the video that you would like to be featured in, and we will record your response. The whole process will just take a few minutes!

You will have full approval on your section of the video before release, as well as receive your full video footage that we record so that you can use it in other products.

Want to Participate?

If you or someone in your community would like to join us virtually to participate in this video series, please reach out to Tabitha at

The recording process will end at the end of July so that we can have the video ready for dissemination in September, so please reach out so that we can include your voice in this meaningful video series!

Take a Look at What the Final Product Will Look Like!