Equity, Diversity and Inclusion

Our Purpose Statement

Butler Institute will continuously and actively work towards co-creating a collaborative culture that seeks out and listens to different ways of knowing, hearing and being that honor, support and celebrate the whole person with their unique gifts and talents.  

We will support each other by listening deeply, encouraging growth, practicing solidarity and extending grace toward others and ourselves. We seek to foster an environment that increases the safety of individuals to share their authentic selves and to choose how they engage at work. We will actively challenge white supremacy culture and systemic oppression while mutually working toward productive solutions that change our behavior. We seek to create an open, welcoming and equitable organizational culture for all.  We hold ourselves accountable and own our impact.

We commit to:

  • Educating ourselves about and listening to people’s stories about their experiences with systemic racism – this includes self-education and formalized learning opportunities
  • Not just continuing our existing path to ensure equity but also centering our efforts on addressing injustice and inequity by facilitating and providing educational and growth opportunities
  • Examining our organization's policies, practices, culture and services through the lens of anti-racism and addressing white privilege to reflect our commitment to racial justice
  • Ensuring tribal communities and voices are at the forefront of our work, and furthering our understanding of how land use policies promote systemic racism
  • Strengthening existing relationships and forging new partnerships with organizations working to advance anti-racism efforts

Find Out More About the Graduate School of Social Work's Commitment to Diversity and Inclusion

Butler is a research and training institute under the Graduate School of Social Work at the University of Denver, and, together, we are committed to incorporating equity, diversity and inclusion in all that we do.

GSSW's Solidarity Statement