Staff Retention

Human-serving organizations strive to build a sustainable and diverse workforce where all employees have the positive energy, capabilities, vitality and resources to meet the needs of families they serve. The Working Well Collaborative can help your organization build climates of equity, safety, belonging and inclusivity to support the holistic well-being of your workforce. We partner with organizations to conduct organizational health assessments, use data to make plans for sustainable change, support teams in developing and implementing strategies, build in processes for continuous quality improvement and evaluate workforce and client outcomes.

How can we help you improve your staff retention?

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Conduct Staff Stay and Turnover Assessments

Want to know why your turnover rate is so high? Or do you want to conduct stay interviews to retain your quality teammates? We can help!  

At Butler, we know that there are many factors that come into play when staff decides to stay at your organization or leave for a new opportunity. Let us assess the factors that are affecting your program!

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Develop Strategies for Improving Workforce Well-Being

Using the Surgeon General’s Framework for Workplace Mental Health and Well‑Being, we can help you establish best-practices around increasing and maintaining well-being in your program. We can conduct comprehensive health assessments (COHA) and present findings based on USS General's framework for five essentials and necessary components for addressing mental health and well-being in the workplace. This allows us to address workplace challenges to a national workplace audience. 

We will help you create a plan to address any gaps and celebrate and support any strengths that you already have!

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Improve Organizational Culture around Equity, Inclusion, Safety and Belonging

We believe that a team's success is built on a foundation of safety, trust, and a deep sense of belonging. Our mission is to guide organizations in creating environments where every team member feels valued, supported, and empowered to bring their best selves to work. Butler staff has decades of experience partnering with programs to successfully build climates of equity, inclusion, safety and belonging, giving voice and choice to all their teammates. 


Optimize Workflow Processes and Procedures

Unlock your team's full potential with Butler's Working Well Collaborative. We specialize in enhancing workflow processes to optimize efficiency, boost collaboration, and drive measurable results. Transform the way your team works, and elevate your organization's performance.

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Provide Customized Educational and Professional Development

Human services practitioners use practice model skills/interventions to guide their interactions with children, families, adults, and groups. To ensure practitioner confidence and competence, creation of Practice Profiles is essential to implementation of practice model skills/interventions. Butler staff can assist in developing well-defined and described practice profiles to ensure fidelity in the implementation of a practice model.

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