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Community Partnership and Engagement

We have decades of experience in collaborating with communities, partners, and constituents in an equitable and inclusive way. We design interactions to encourage purposeful participation in discussion and decision-making, ensuring that all voices are heard. 

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Research and Evaluation

Our evaluation places equity at the heart of all activities. From developing evaluation questions to collecting and analyzing data, and reporting findings, each step of the evaluation is critically examined in terms of its potential to support equity and avoid unintended consequences of common research practices. We have experience with phased, mixed-methods evaluation; developing and executing data-collection plans; and conducting thorough evaluations that lead to defined and achievable next steps.

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Training and Technical Assistance

Butler provides evidence-based and community-based training and technical assistance across all human services systems. From building to implementing custom training programs, we can guide your workforce development and help you meet the needs of the communities you work with.  

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Equity and Inclusivity

At Butler, we are committed to supporting one another in our learning journey. We seek to foster an environment that increases the safety of individuals to share their authentic selves and to choose how they engage at work. As a learning organization, we encourage our staff to continuously grow their understanding of intersectionality, racism, and historical trauma that exists in all realms of our society. We bring our knowledge of implicit biases, systemic oppressions, and white supremacy culture into our partnership with you as we work with you to create productive solutions.

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Implementation Science and Butler

Once you have the data to inform your organization's needs and the evidence-based practices that you need to implement to meet those needs, you will then need to move your people, processes, and technology to align with your strategies. At Butler, we have 30 years of experience in partnering with organizations, programs, and agencies to implement their decided upon intervention, ensuring that all affected community members are thoroughly trained, and evaluating the fidelity of your practice.

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Communications and Dissemination

All our teams are dedicated to disseminating and publishing our research and practice findings to help improve lessons learned and further research in the areas we work in. Our staff can create customized communications plans, data visualizations, and dashboards, as well as many other digital assets, so that you can reach all your audiences in a way that they can process and retain the information. Let our writers, editors, graphic designers, and researchers guide your work with our extensive knowledge and experience in getting messages into the hands of staff, constituents, and policymakers! 

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