Early Childhood

Early childhood is a critical time of physical, intellectual and social–emotional development for children. Yet, early childhood care and education are often under-resourced. We leverage our deep understanding of interventions, learning and behavior, and complex, interconnected systems to strengthen the early childhood workforce and improve early childhood settings and systems.

Recent Early Childhood Projects

  • Studying the Economic Impacts of Early Care and Education

    We studied the economic impacts of early care and education in Colorado, finding that although the sector is a key driver for the state’s economy, the cost of care is prohibitive for many families and workforce wages don’t promote self-sufficiency. The report has informed policy responses in the state.

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  • Evaluating the Denver Preschool Program

    We evaluated the effectiveness of the Denver Preschool Program, which works to increase access to high-quality early education in Denver. We explored how services were implemented, family and provider perceptions of the program’s effectiveness, knowledge and behavior changes resulting from the program, and the impact of the program on family access and provider quality. Results have been used to guide program improvements and enhancements.

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