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Meet Milan Tvardek

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Butler Institute for Families

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Milan Tvardek, senior research associate III, shares her professional experiences within behavioral health, the current CERTRO project and additional initiatives that she is involved in here at Butler Institute for Families.

Milan Tvardek spotlight

Butler Staff Spotlight - Milan Tvardek

What interested you in working for Butler? 

I've always been interested in research of nearly any kind! I attended Loyola Chicago and completed a master's degree in applied social psychology. One of my favorite classes was program evaluation where I worked on a student evaluation of WestCare's IMPACT program in the Cook County Jail. Since then, I've worked on a series of studies examining traumatization and the social networks of sex workers and people who manage them. I was particularly drawn to Butler's behavioral health content area and was thrilled to accept a position working across both the early childhood and behavioral health areas.


What is your position at Butler? What do you enjoy most about your position? 

I am a research assistant III. I think the thing I enjoy most is having access to a wide range of tasks in my position. I'm able to perform program management that requires a lot of attention to detail and logistical considerations. I also have opportunities for both qualitative and quantitative data collection and analysis. I never get bored, and there's always something new and challenging to do.


What projects are you working on currently? 

My largest project is CERTRO, a multi-year training and evaluation initiative that aims to reduce secondary traumatic stress and increase well-being and resilience among folks who work in helping professions. Another project, ReCAST, uses components of CERTRO trainings as a blueprint for co-creating a resiliency program with Denver youth and families. I also work on the stimulus evaluation and mainly handle the qualitative data collection and analysis of stakeholders impacted by COVID-19 stimulus funds for early childcare. I play smaller roles on a range of projects throughout early childhood and behavioral health.


What are the outcomes you hope for with this project? How will this project impact the community? 

Speaking to CERTRO, I hope that this project can increase the capacity of residential treatment providers to take care of themselves and, in turn, more effectively care for individuals in long-term behavioral health treatment centers.

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