Working Well Collaborative

The Butler Institute is launching a new initiative  Butler's Working Well Collaborative! This collaborative builds off of 15 years of Butler’s work on the National Child Welfare Workforce Institute (NCWWI), which promoted organizational interventions focused on recruiting, developing and retaining a diverse and effective workforce.  In this work, Butler has made invaluable contributions in shaping the landscape of child welfare services and the essential lessons learned about developing and supporting a strong equitable and healthy workforce.

The goal of the Working Well Collaborative is to provide ongoing services to child welfare and other human service organizations that support workplace equity and worker well-being.  The Working Well Collaborative team is here to help your organization shore up capacity and build a workplace that centers on equity, diversity, and inclusion and worker voice, as well as build a sustainable workforce where staff have the positive energy, capabilities and resources to do their jobs and maintain their economic and mental health.

Our multilevel approach includes services that advance workforce excellence through cutting-edge training, research and evaluation and collaborative initiatives to support equity and well-being. We recognize the challenges faced by professionals in direct-service roles and aim to provide comprehensive support that ensures their success and, ultimately, improves the lives of the children, youth, families and communities they serve.

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