Recruitment Strategies

Bringing in the right employees at the right time is the first step in developing a skilled and effective workforce. Recruiting talented people to work within public and tribal child welfare programs requires new approaches and strategies. From high-level recruitment campaign messaging and guidance about how to refer to the work and roles, to social media content and creative for job fairs, we aim to assist you by providing the tools necessary to recruit qualified applicants.

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We can help you take a comprehensive approach to recruiting that includes one or all of these strategies:

Work with Purpose Campaign

Our Work with Purpose Recruitment Campaign provides turnkey assets for social media, job fairs, and online advertising. We are available to assist in maximizing your use of these assets and testing their effectiveness in your market.

Modernization of Recruitment Web Pages

We will review your current recruitment web pages and work with your team to ensure that you are maximizing application completions for open positions.

Job Titles and Descriptions

Outdated job titles and descriptions lead to fewer applicants. We can support your program by reworking job descriptions to make them clear and compelling and rebranding and retitling jobs to attract attention and match the position’s positive elements.

Partnerships with Colleges and Universities

Our team has decades of experience supporting strong partnerships between child welfare programs and colleges/universities. We can help facilitate partnerships that leverage federal title IV-E funding to provide stipend/internship programs, coaching and mentoring support, training opportunities, and evaluation.