Intercultural Development Inventory®

Intercultural competence transcends ethnocentrism and establishes effective, positive relations across cultural boundaries. The link between Diversity and Inclusion—what bridges these two concepts—is intercultural competence. Intercultural competence makes a diverse environment an inclusive one. Cross-cultural outcomes are achieved by developing intercultural competence to gain a better understanding of how one engages in cultural diversity.

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The IDI® is an exceptional individualized learning opportunity to advance intercultural development and support internal team efforts to advance as an organization focused on equity and inclusion. Individuals – and groups - are encouraged to participate in the IDI to better understand themselves and learn where and how they can develop their ability to effectively work across cultures.

The IDI assessment takes about 30 minutes to complete. The results of the IDI show an individual’s perceived orientation and developmental orientation on intercultural capacity. These provide a measure of where people or groups believe they are developmentally versus where they actually are developmentally.

Results are discussed with the individual participant during a one-time only IDI debrief feedback session with a Butler Qualified Administrator. Results are completely confidential and are for the individual participant only. The debrief session is an opportunity to review results and discuss thoughts on what to include when undertaking a learning development plan to guide progress along the intercultural developmental continuum. Results can also be prepared at the group level, providing a team or an organization with information about their group profile and what learning will deepen their intercultural competence as an organization.

 Butler Institute for Families has several trained Qualified Administrators (QAs) on staff to coordinate the IDI process, which typically includes:

  • An overview presentation provided to share basic information about the IDI and the IDI process
  • Coordination of individual assessments completed online
  • Provision of a group profile, if desired
  • Individual IDI debrief session
  • Guidance on Group and Individual Learning Development Plans
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