As the Latinx population continues to grow in Colorado and nationwide, there is a critical need for bilingual and culturally responsive social workers. Our MSW Latinx Social Work Certificate addresses this need, preparing you for a bilingual career serving individuals and families of Latin American origin.

You’ll complete this certificate concurrently with your MSW program. The certificate includes an optional intensive Spanish-language immersion component, an experiential course taught in Mexico, and other specialized courses in addition to a field internship in which you’ll work with LatinX clients. The Latinx Social Work Certificate is only available to students enrolled in our Denver Campus MSW Program.

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The term Latinx (pronounced “La-TEEN-ex”) is inclusive of gender, ethnic and racial identity.

Learning Outcomes

Latinx Social Work courses examine the interconnected issues of race, ethnicity, racism, citizenship status and relationships among the United States, Latin American countries and Latinx people in the U.S. The Latinx Social Work Certificate will lead you to:

  • Improve your Spanish-speaking ability as you provide culturally congruent services to Latinx populations
  • Understand how structural racism affects communities of color in the U.S. and Latin America
  • Develop clinical skills to work in a culturally responsive way with Latinx clients in micro and macro practice
  • Tap into the strengths and solutions found within Latinx communities
  • Network and engage with Latinx community-based organizations and community leaders while working alongside Latinx communities
  • Learn about current immigration policies and your responsibility for advocacy

“El certificado me dio la oportunidad de mejorar mis aptitudes para desempeñarme como un profesional de trabajo social de habla hispana y me proporcionó los conocimientos para abordar intervenciones terapéuticas con solidez, tantocultural como clínica.” — Frank Jadwin, MSW ’11, Salud Family Health Centers

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Frank Jadwin
Professor and students

Your Career Options

The Latinx population in the U.S. is expected to grow by 57 percent by 2050, and as the Latinx population expands within Colorado and nationwide, the demand for culturally responsive and bilingual social work practice skills is growing as well. With an MSW and Latinx Social Work Certificate, you’ll graduate with an additional professional credential and a competitive advantage in your job search. Your social work career could include:

  • Working in bilingual social work settings in a variety of agencies and nonprofits
  • Providing health and behavioral health services to diverse populations
  • Advocating for and providing support to immigrants and migrant workers
  • Working internationally with nongovernmental organizations
  • Community organizing

“The Latinx Certificate program strengthened my ability to work conscientiously and effectively with clients of Latin American origin — and by extension, to be more thoughtful about my work with people of many different nationalities and cultures.” 

Megan Hope, MSW ’11, Latinx Social Work Certificate ’11, Social Service Project Director, Rocky Mountain Immigrant Advocacy Network Read More
Megan Hope
International Social Work

International Social Work

The required course Social Work and Latin American Cultures, An Intensive Practice and Spanish Immersion takes students to Chiapas, Mexico, to explore human rights, development, economic policy, culture and language. Students work directly with and learn from community partners, including a nonprofit that fights hunger and promotes education, gender equality and sustainability and a nongovernmental organization that defends human rights for indigenous villages and communities.

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