Offered in collaboration with the Iliff School of Theology, a Master of Social Work (MSW) and Master of Theological Studies (MTS) will allow you to combine your academic interests in religious studies with your vocational interests in social work. You’ll enrich your social work career with a full understanding of religious traditions and their impact on global society and individual lives. This dual-degree program is ideal for individuals who intend to pursue a doctoral degree.


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Your Career Options

With an MSW and MTS dual degree, you’ll graduate with a competitive, cross-disciplinary skill set that will give you an advantage in the job market. Career options include:

  • Working as an educator in faith communities
  • Leading government programs and nonprofit agencies
  • Working as a journalist or author
  • Conducting public service research
  • Serving as a scholar-activist in a variety of settings
  • Teaching at a college or university
  • Serving in higher education administration roles, including senior leadership, student affairs and admission

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Key Faculty

Marquisha Lawrence

Marquisha Lawrence Scott

Assistant Professor

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“Learning to be with people when they are vulnerable and hurting is an incredibly important development, and one that I will be grateful for my whole life.”

Casey Flynn, MSW ’17, MTS ’17, PhD student of religion, University of Denver and Iliff School of Theology Read More
Casey Flynn

“There was enough flexibility to speak my mind in class, find the courses that most interested me, and get to know professors and classmates as individuals. The space to create my own experience made me invest more into my time and make it work for me.”

Neal Burton, MSW 2017, MTS ’18, Crisis Services Program Manager, Clatsop Behavioral Healthcare Read More
Neal Burton

MSW/MTS Application Process

You must apply for the MSW and MTS separately and be accepted into each program in order to qualify for the dual degree.