Master of Social Work (MSW) Degree Programs

A Social Work Degree With a Social Justice Focus

There are many reasons the University of Denver Graduate School of Social Work is consistently ranked among the nation’s top social work graduate programs. It’s our community of scholars and solution-seekers whose work catalyzes social change. It’s our courses that respond to today’s real-world needs — needs such as housing and food security, ecological justice and climate change, and culturally competent mental health care. It’s the legion of our alumni who are transforming lives and communities.

And it’s our social work master’s program, which prepares students for countless career paths. Whether you want to run a nonprofit, craft policy, work in a school or work as a clinician, the versatile MSW degree will give you the preparation you need for a field that continues to add jobs faster than most other careers. Already working in social work? Adding an MSW to your credentials will help you advance on your career path and earn more, too.

The world needs social workers to advocate for populations impacted by oppression. With a master of social work degree, YOU can be the changemaker.

Our MSW Program Options

Denver Campus MSW Programs

Denver Campus MSW

We offer full- and part-time options for the Denver Campus MSW Program and the Denver Campus Advanced-Standing MSW Program. You can choose from customized pathways, several dual-degree programs, and certificates in Global Social Work, Human–Animal–Environment InteractionsLatinx Social Work and School Social Work. With so many specialization options, you can chart your own career path.

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MSW@Denver Online MSW

Online MSW

You don’t have to live in Colorado to access our exceptional education. We offer full- and part-time options for the the Online MSW Program and the Online Advanced-Standing MSW Program. Our accredited,100-percent online MSW degree offers specializations in Mental Health and Trauma or Health, and Equity and Wellness for students throughout the U.S. Whether you hope to work in direct practice with clients or in other settings such as policy advocacy, your social work master’s degree will prepare you to make a positive difference to individuals, families and communities.

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Western Colorado MSW Programs

Western Colorado MSW

In the heart of the Rocky Mountains, our Western Colorado MSW Program and Western Colorado Advanced-Standing MSW Program in Glenwood Springs offer a specialization in Advanced Social Work Practice. The programs will prepare you to work in rural social work practice, integrated health, ecological health and sustainability, community mental health, and child welfare practice.

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Four Corners MSW Programs

Four Corners MSW

Our Four Corners MSW Program and Four Corners Advanced-Standing MSW Program are located in Durango, Colorado, near the state’s intersection with New Mexico, Arizona and Utah. Offering a specialization in Advanced Social Work Practice, these regional programs will prepare you to work in rural and tribal communities in mental health, integrated health, school, agency and other settings.

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Financial Options

Our MSW Program Approach

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    Living, Breathing and Teaching Social Justice

    We look at social work through a social justice lens and prepare all of our students to work with diverse populations by instilling an understanding of the multidimensional aspects of race/ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation and socioeconomic status in social work practice.

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    Creating an Inclusive Environment 

    As we state in our Solidarity Statement for Diversity and Justice, we stand in solidarity with immigrants, religious groups, people of color, indigenous communities, people with disabilities, survivors of sexual violence, members of the LGBTQ+ community, and all other communities whose civil rights have been threatened and/or violated.

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    Learning by Doing

    Most schools assign students to field internships, but students in our Denver, Western Colorado and Four Corners programs get to choose the internships that fit their interests. With more than 750 field education options available in Colorado and abroad, you’ll get the hands-on experience and mentoring that will prepare you for social work practice in a wide variety of settings. 

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    Supporting Student Success

    Graduate school is exciting, but it can be stressful, too. That’s why we provide Student and Career Services to help you nurture self-care, make a career plan, connect with peers and the community and have some fun along the way.

An Accredited Social Work Degree

Our social work master’s program is accredited by the Council on Social Work Education (CSWE), which verifies that the University of Denver MSW Program meets the high standards of social work education and will prepare you with the knowledge, skills and field experience you need to meet licensure requirements. View our CSWE assessment of student learning outcomes

What can you do with an MSW?

  • Work with individuals, couples and families as a therapist
  • Diagnose and treat people with mental illness or substance use issues
  • Analyze, advocate and shape public policy
  • Work in child welfare and child development
  • Manage programs, agencies and organizations, including nonprofits
  • Work in sustainable development
  • Work as a clinician in integrated health and behavioral health settings

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