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Our comprehensive coaching program can help you align your values, purpose and career!  We offer virtual one-on-one developmental coaching, allowing you to meet with our ICF-certified coaches at your convenience.  Want to strengthen your relationships and leadership skills? We can help with that too! Join our coaching academy to begin your journey to becoming a certified coach! 

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Leadership Development

Effective leaders who can implement innovative change and build organizational cultures that support equity and staff well-being are critical to building and sustaining human services agencies. Butler provides effective leadership development that allows individuals to explore challenges and build effective and holistic solutions.

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Intercultural Development Inventory

Intercultural competence is a key to working effectively with people from different cultures. Butler can help you learn more about your intercultural abilities – either at the person level or the organizational level! The Intercultural Development Inventory®, or IDI®, is a research-based, reliable, and validated assessment instrument that provides group and individualized results regarding capacity to connect and bridge across cultures.

The IDI:

  • Is a reliable assessment grounded in a comprehensive, cross-culturally validated theory of intercultural competence
  • Is available in multiple languages
  • Provides an individualized Intercultural Development Plan to support growth
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