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NCTSI - Center for Equity and Resilience in Trauma Responsive Organizations

Goal: strengthening workforce resilience and advancing equity to develop trauma-responsive organizations

The Center for Equity and Resilience in Trauma-Responsive Organizations (CERTRO), a Category II National Child Traumatic Stress Initiative effort, is supporting organizations to better serve diverse children, youth, and families with a trauma-responsive, equity-centered lens. CERTRO is also working to support a diverse workforce by addressing gaps in organizational understanding of staff’s needs and implementing change efforts to build inclusive organizations. Additionally, we address gaps in training opportunities for marginalized communities by providing training in Spanish to peer support providers, foster/resource parents, kinship providers, and other caregivers who often care for children facing the greatest disparities, including unaccompanied minors. Dr. Ashley Brock-Baca serves as the Principal Investigator and CERTRO Director.

Butler is developing and facilitating synchronous training curricula, asynchronous web-based training, and Communities of Practice, as well as piloting a trauma-informed coaching curriculum. The training topics include the following:

  • Strengthening Resilience to Prevent and Address Secondary Traumatic Stress
  • From Historical Trauma to Modern Oppression: Understanding Racism, Race-Based Traumatic Stress, and Cultural Healing
  • Trauma-Informed Supervision
  • Promoting Positive Relationships and Building Resilience for Children in Care
  • The National Child Traumatic Stress Network’s Core Curriculum in Child Trauma

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