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Meet Sarah Roman

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Butler Institute for Families

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Sarah Roman, Senior Creative Production Specialist, brings her innovative eye and creative expertise to Butler's in-house Creative Team. Roman shares about exciting current projects and the creative powerhouse that she helped expand here at Butler Institute for Families.

sarah roman

Butler Staff Spotlight - Sarah Roman


What interested you in working for Butler? 

I’ve always been one of those people who wants to feel like I’m doing some good in the world. If I’m spending time away from my family, I want to feel good about it at the end of the day. So, the nature of the work that Butler is doing is what initially drew me in.


What is your position at Butler? What do you enjoy most about your position? 

I do creative production and am lucky to wear many hats! When I started at Butler, there wasn’t a creative team. Now, we have an absolute powerhouse, with people doing podcasts, infographics, blogs and on and on. I’m so proud of our team! I would say I enjoy the incredible people I work with as well as the diversity of tasks. One of the benefits of our learning culture is that we’re encouraged to innovate and evolve to better meet the needs of the communities we serve. As a result, I’ve dabbled in podcast engineering, animation and motion graphics on top of my usual focus on video production and graphic design.


What projects are you working on currently?

Recently, I’ve been contributing to some of our behavioral health projects, including a partnership with Mile High Behavioral Healthcare (MHBHC). We’ve been able to do several videos and other products to help spread the word about their programs and services, including the Transgender Center of the Rockies and Bee the Vibe – a harm reduction initiative for safer sex and safer drug use.


What are the outcomes you hope for with this project? How will this project impact the community? 

What I find particularly exciting about our work with MHBHC is their direct work with vulnerable targeted services and supports not many degrees of separation between the products I'm collaborating on and the community, and I find that deeply fulfilling.

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