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Welcome, Angie Nelson!

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Butler Institute for Families

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Butler welcomes Angie Nelson, our new director of operations.

Angie Nelson

Welcome, Angie Nelson!

We are excited to shine a spotlight on Angie Nelson, a dedicated licensed clinical social worker whose career has been marked by a passionate commitment to building programs, fostering community collaboration, leading teams, and implementing large-scale systems change.

Angie's journey has been particularly impactful in the realm of homelessness resolution, where she has played pivotal roles at various levels of leadership, ranging from case management to executive leadership. Over the years, she has embraced diverse leadership roles, demonstrating a progressive and compassionate approach to addressing this critical issue, from the grassroots level of case management to the strategic heights of program management and executive leadership. At the core of Angie's work is a profound dedication to transforming systems to deliver anti-racist and equitable outcomes. Her advocacy extends beyond addressing immediate challenges, encompassing a broader vision for systemic change that dismantles inequities and ensures fairness for all.

Before joining Butler, Angie served as the deputy executive director of the City and County of Denver’s Department of Housing Stability. Her journey also includes roles at Denver Human Services and with nonprofit housing programs, where she championed two-generation approaches to support families experiencing homelessness.

Beyond her commitment to social work and homelessness resolution, Angie expresses a genuine love for helping people thrive in their careers. This passion for professional development aligns seamlessly with her role at Butler, where she contributes to the team's mission of improving systems and enhancing the lives of the families and children they serve. As Angie Nelson joins forces with the Butler team, we eagerly anticipate the positive transformations that will unfold under her leadership. Welcome, Angie!

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