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LAUNCH Together

The goal of the LAUNCH Together evaluation is to measure the impact of the initiative on developing coordinated and consistent community systems to support the social-emotional well-being of young children and their families. Additionally, as the initiative disseminates information about successful practices in funded communities, it is anticipated that additional communities will adopt those practices as part of their own early childhood development systems.

LAUNCH Together aims to improve the social, emotional, behavioral, physical and cognitive outcomes of young children and families. This is achieved by complementing evidence-based prevention and promotion practices with strengthened systems and families. The Butler Institute is using mixed methods and longitudinal evaluation approaches to explore outcomes at the systems, program, provider and family levels.

Expected outcomes during the course of the initiative are improved service coordination and systems development, strong implementation of five core prevention strategies, improved workforce development, increased understanding of early childhood social-emotional development among service providers and families, and positive family experiences with the early childhood system in their community.